What is Success?

What is Success?

What is Success?

You have a good job! You are successful!

You are happily married! "Now that is real success!"

"Wow! Your bank balance is flush! You successful bleep!"

So, what is success? Who defines it and where do you think you are?

When I was younger, I always thought that having a successful life was having it all – the great job, making big bucks, meeting the one and having kids’ blah blah blah!

As I got older, I realised that it was not all about the public sector world. For years I felt like I lived in a fishbowl. I was the fish going round and round in circles. Get up, get ready for work, drive for an hour to work and back, then sit at my desk for 8 hours in my relatively important job within a major organisation. I had a health plan and a pension scheme, this was important…right!! I never felt so dead inside, somebody throw me down the toilet, please!! So, what did I do? I left. Was it hard to leave ‘Yes’, but was I happy I did? Yes!

I knew deep inside that there was more to life for me than what I was doing. Do not get me wrong it was a good job, but it was not my calling, it did not suit me!

I went from having a stable, sensible, grown-up job, to doing lots of different little jobs. I felt I had freedom; I did not have as much money, but it did not matter as I did not have a two-hour commute to do every day. I was my own boss. I was less stressed, and I had found happiness within.

So, whether the public sector world is for you or not… I believe the route to feeling successful is:

  • Always trying to do your best.
  • Goal setting and trying to smash them!
  • Creating a home for yourself. If you feel comfortable and safe you can achieve great things.
  • Understanding there is a difference between what you need and what you want!
  • Believing you can. There is no big cheerleader for you than yourself. Work on your self-confidence and overcome fear to achieve your dreams.
  • Balance work with passion. If your work is something you love, it will not feel like work. If that is not possible, balance your work with hobbies or volunteering that makes you happy and gives you purpose.
  • Self-Care. It is nice to help others, but sometimes you must put your own needs first.
  • Say No. It is okay to say ‘no’. It does not have to mean you are selfish, prioritising is important.
  • Know your life is full of abundance. If you have good family and friends around you that you love and care about and your health is good, your life is already full of abundance. Learn to appreciate and be grateful for all the simple things in life. You are already successful if you can feel this!
  • Give back. No matter how successful you think you are, everyone can give back. Whether that is sharing your knowledge, through financial giving or helping where you can. This creates an environment where we can all encourage each other to do well and succeed.
  • Success is not giving up!




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