Juliet Mellor – Juicing for Health!

Juliet Mellor – Juicing for Health!

Juliet Mellor’s life suddenly changed when she was diagnosed with Palindromic Rheumatism, unable to use her hands and adapting to a life of pain. A chance meeting with a friend showed her a new path that completely changed her life.


In 2010, after a busy day in her hair salon, Juliet experienced excruciating pain in her hands and right arm. The pain was not going away, and it limited the range of movement in her hands. It was that bad she could no longer pick up her knife and fork! She was diagnosed with Palindromic Rheumatism, a condition that would eventually lead to Rheumatoid Arthritis. Devastated, fitness-loving Juliet gave up her passion for running and took up cycling instead. For five years, Juliet took prescribed medication to combat the pain, but unfortunately, it was not fixing the problem.


Everything changed when Juliet bumped into a friend who had returned from a Jason Vale Juice Retreat. She was glowing, looking slimmer, and with bright eyes and glowing skin. Juliet wanted to feel how her friend did!

“I went to Juicy Oasis retreat in Portugal for my 50th birthday to lose some pounds. I was also taking my cycling seriously and had signed up for L’Etape du Tour, so shedding the extra pounds I hoped would make me fitter and more agile. The resort was beautiful. Every day I enjoyed activities such as walking, swimming, and working out in the gym. In the evenings, my mind turned into a sponge. I absorbed all the information given to me about food and nutrition. I ordered everything I needed for juicing online, and on my return to the UK (8lbs lighter), I removed the processed foods and sugar from my cupboards and began my juicing journey. It was seven days that completely changed my life! I am now the same weight as I was in my 20’s, suffering from no inflammation and no longer taking medication. I’ve never felt better!”

Juliet is a qualified ‘Natural Juice Therapist’ and the founder of JU-ICE-IT in Poole. JU-ICE-IT is the number one provider of juices and juice therapy in Dorset.

Unlike a juice bar, JU-ICE-IT can create bespoke products tailored to your individual health needs and aspirations. Juliet also offers workshops and retreats.

JU-ICE-IT Juice Retreat in La Serrania, Pollenca, in Northern Majorca, will be taking places soon.


For full details please contact Juliet on:                                    

Telephone: 07739 231660

Email: juliet@ju-ice-it.co.uk


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