Q&A with 9-year-old Max – A Honda Cadet Racing Driver

Q&A with 9-year-old Max – A Honda Cadet Racing Driver

DS: Hi Max! I cannot believe you are only 9-years-old and a Honda Cadet Racing Driver. Tell us about yourself and how you got into racing karts?

Max: “Hi! I’m Max. I’m in Year-4 and go to school in Poole. My Grandad used to race cars in the 80s & early 90s, and my dad, and uncle, are both ex Karting Champions, so I have grown up around Motorsport. It was natural that I’d end up having a go myself!”

DS: Can you give us details about your kart and why you chose Driver Number #97?

Max: “I drive a Project One chassis, with a 160cc Honda engine with a top speed of about 60mph in the Honda Cadet class, for drivers 8 to 13yrs old.

Number 97 is the family race number. My dad chose it when he was a Junior Karter, and everyone in the family has used it since.”

DS: I see you have passed your Association of Racing Kart Schools (ARKS) test and now race in the local C.P.C.K Championship and Clay Pigeon Raceway, I.K.R Championship. What races do you have coming up, and will we get to see you on the podium?

Max: “The next race I have is a C.P.K.C race meeting on the 11th of July 2021. My pace has been really good recently. At the last C.P.K.C meeting, we didn’t quite get the chassis kart set up correctly, so it let me down. Still being one of the younger drivers in the class, I’m quick enough for a top 3 finish now, but some of the older drivers have more race experience, which helps them in battles.”


DS: Anyone who is into Motorsport will be aware that most Formula 1 drivers start in karting. Are we looking at the next Lewis Hamilton?

Max: “I would love a career in Motorsport. But I know that it costs a lot of money to make it! I am taking each race one race at a time. I am enjoying my racing and doing as well as I possibly can within our racing budget. Who knows what the future holds!”

DS: Tell me about your sponsors, why you need them and are you looking for more?

Max: “I am supported by ‘South Coast Karting’ at the moment. They are a local karting circuit. They hire kart sessions for the public to have a go at karting. They also hire to stag or hen do’s and corporate events etc. Sponsors are vital to anyone in Motorsport as the costs to race competitively are so high. Karting is no different to F1, or any other Motorsport, in needing a fast engine, the best chassis, new tyres, and as much track time as possible. All of that costs a lot of money. In Motorsport, you need all the ingredients to be at the front. You cannot just be a good driver.

I would love to hear from any potential sponsors that would like to join me on my motorsport journey. I can offer local media mentions, social media shout-outs, logos on kart and driver, the kart can be available for display purposes – and I am sure I will be able to get a sponsor to race in a kart against me at some point!”

Dorset Spotlight wishes Max the best of luck with his future races and looks forward to watching him rise through the ranks.

For Sponsorship Opportunities visit http://www.maxlovell.co.uk

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